In an endeavour to educate people about diverse varieties of mangoes and distinctive delicacies made from it, Uttar Pradesh Tourism organizes a unique Mango Food Festival every year in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow.

So with much more enthusiasm and fervour, this one of its kind event has once again come up in the town to unpeel your childhood memories. Held at Paryatan Bhawan, Gomti Nagar Lucknow from 7th-9th July 2017, the event brought a special shine to Lucknow’s splendour. Inaugurated by Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma, the Mango Food Festival greeted its revered guests and visitors in a grand way, giving them all the more reason to rejoice.

The view of that sparkling fiesta could actually remind you of that famous quote by Jarod Kintz that goes as- The sunset faded and blended from pink to peach to mango in a smoothie in the sky…

With a bouquet of overwhelming activities, this 3-day festival turned to a visual and experiential journey for the mango lovers. While the cultural events like Mango Eating Contest, Cooking Contest and Aam Par Shayari compelled the adults and the youngsters to let loose, on the other hand, the stirring activities like Qissagoi-Mango Storytelling Session for Kids and Best Mango Theme Dressed Kids Contests boosted the enthusiasm in the children.

Distinctive Mango delicacies like Mango Malai Tikka, Mango Halwa, Murg Aam Barra, Aam Ki Kaleji, Mango Murg Biryani, Mango Murg Korma, Murg Aam Dora Kebab, Murg Aam Reshmi Kebab, Dumpukht Ambiya Dal, Aam Kadhai Paneer and many more adorned the plates of the mango aficionados who participated in this mega celebration. Cheering at this remarkable fiesta, one of the visitors exclaimed, “At least some place where I can revive my childhood and see loads of mangoes, and jhoolas; love to spend my time with my friends and family. Well done, may we have plenty more festivals like these!”

Also, the thrilling performances by the cyclists and other shows added to the relishing taste of mangoes. Remarked a Lucknowite,“It has become an annual event and people will mark it on their calendars, and hopefully will bring more tourism and investment to Lucknow as well as benefit the farmers and local rural economy.”

Seeing the health benefits, uniqueness and diversified uses of this king of fruits, mangoes in India have become a symbol of summer and are no less than a cultural legacy. And this marvellous extravaganza called the Mango Food Festival is a brilliant effort that helps sustain agriculture, and nourish people’s love for Mangoes at the same time.

The visitors, who usually think mango has just five or six varieties, were educated through quizzes and competitions about the vast variety of the fruit grown and infinite possibilities of using mango in cuisine. They also enjoyed spectacular entertainment programmes of music and dance. It is actually an informal and international platform with a two-fold approach, to promote tourism as well as educate people about different varieties of mangoes.

Undoubtedly, this fun-filled festival immersed the people into their childhood memories. Those precarious attempts to pick the elusive mangoes, hanging from the branches of the fruit laden trees, that beautiful smell of mangoes ripening on trees, and that velvety taste of home-made aamras- all that brought happiness to many a hearts.

So if you missed this opportunity this time, join the festival next year to tantalize your favourite addiction- Mango Temptation!

Come relive your memories and enhance your fascination for the celebrated aroma at Uttar Pradesh Mango Food Festival!