Can you imagine a ‘Tunda’ (a man without arms) having a magical taste in his hands! A taste that has power to dissolve the boundaries, an aroma that not only savours one’s sensations but the hearts, is nothing but the creativity of the legendary one-armed chef, late Haji Murad Ali ‘Tunday’. Established in 1905 in the criss-crossed lanes of the Chowk area of Lucknow, Tunday Kababs is now an eminent brand name that has miraculously preserved the original taste and flavour of its kababs, enthralling millions of gustatory perceptions and serving zillions of souls.
“The world will recognize one on its own, the profit desired is equal to the amount of salt in the food.”- With this belief, the heritage of Tunday Kababi has engraved a phenomenal impact on myriad minds. Indeed, an ambrosia that dispenses happiness, scrumptiousness mingled with bliss as well as a matchless and miraculous flavour that suits everyone’s palate is what describes Tunday Kababs. An a la carte with even a modest smack of these Kababs bestows delight in the ambience.
Assorted with 160 spices and herbs, the redolent kababs constitute a 100 year old secret family-recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation by the ladies of the house. Still prepared on charcoal, the kababs retain its distinct taste and overpowering aroma with intense softness and melt-in-mouth quality. Though every dish prepared at Tunday Kababi is delectably luscious, be it biryani, chicken tandoori or korma, yet its speciality stays to be the succulent kababs served with paratha or sheermal. Made out of inborn perseverance, this dish is a part of Awadhi Cuisine. In fact, it is a “shaan” (splendour) of Awadhi Cuisine that has transcended the boundaries of the state tempting the people from all over the world.
Undoubtedly, Tunday Kababi has become a pilgrimage for the epicures and connoisseurs today. Anyone who visits Lucknow cannot resist treating himself with the toothsomely sapid Kababs at a 109 year old outlet. The matchless and unsurpassed taste nurtured by the legendary chef for ages certainly justifies their belief in the famous holy verse inscribed on their walls- “Serving God by Serving Man”