Change is the only constant we all know but we must also note that love is the other constant that has existed since time immemorial and would continue to be the primary axis that keeps this mortal, immortal world moving around it.

We have often heard that one has to take a leap of faith, or faith keeps it going, or faith was missing on this sojourn, or faith was all that they started with. We have for sure come across so many examples or illustrations where one can only wonder how faith can even move mountains. Mathura is one such place where one gets to witness not just a diminishing mountain ‘Govardhan’ with every passing day by its side but also as a place where one gets charged up with immense faith. The will, the experience of being one with God is cemented to such an extent in Mathura that can never be experienced at any other place. Such is the charm of this place that is also known as the birth place of Lord Shri Hari Krishna. The mere mention of the Lord of the Lord’s Shri Hari Krishna empowers and enlightens one who even visits this place.


Krishna restored the faith in his mother and father when he was born in a prison through miracles that nothing is impossible. He empowered his father ‘Vasudeva’ to cross a flood raged Yamuna to carry him across to ‘Nand’ a leader of cow herders. The complete region around Mathura is full of folk tales associated with Krishna, his childhood and countless miracles. While being in Mathura one not just thinks off being one with, but gets submerged in the aura of love that ‘Braj’ or ‘Brij-Bhoomi’ (other names for this region) offers.

This city Mathura finds its place in ‘Saptapuris’ – seven of the holiest cities for Hindu religion. This whole region is associated with Lord Krishna and his miracles in various forms while growing up with his foster parents, ‘Nand’ the father & ‘Yashoda’ the mother. If one would merely listen to the stories of his early childhood, they would know how to love without any expectations, knowing that Krishna belongs to different parents both Nand and Yashoda kept Krishna as the only reason of their unending love.

Krishna playing with kids his age and his multifaceted acts of love and kindness mixed with childhood cuteness captivates the travellers from all over the world alike. Vrindavan also known as Nidhivan is considered so sacred that even Goddess Laxmi was ordered to rollover and decorate herself with the soil from Vrindavan. This is the very place where a thousand Gopi’s were merged with Krishna in Raas. It wasn’t a physical amalgamation into each other but the merger of the spiritual self which wasn’t possible without love in the first place that gave birth to faith and finally a place in the heart of the Lord Shri Hari Krishna himself. The Gopis are considered to have transformed into eternal Basil trees that appear dead in the roots but quietly present a pleasant sight of life through their green leaves. It isn’t possible without faith, without the aura of unkindled love, without the devotion for the one and only Krishna.

Krishna’s presence can be felt in the famous ‘Baanke Bihari’ temple where one can feel themselves being blessed by the Lord of the universe himself. Krishna and his stories are only half of it, Radha is the divine form that completes and complements Krishna in each and form. Such is the love between them that it is said, chanting Radhe-Radhe is enough to be blessed by Shri Krishna.

This whole region of Mathura thus not just reflects a divine and immortal love story but also instils the faith in common human forms of divine unification with the one and only Lord Krishna, that isn’t possible at any place elsewhere in the world. The possibility of the divine confluence wasn’t possible without the faith in him ‘Krishna’, the faith which is nurtured and nourished throughout Mathura and it’s love soaked aura. Govardhan awaits you with eagerness while you would circum-navigate its 21 miles of circumference, chanting ‘Radhe-Radhe’.