The most mouth-watering fruit one can ever hear about is ‘Mango’. Whenever there are summers approaching the very first thing that excite us about the season is mangoes. The mangoes make us put aside the thoughts of this warm sweaty because it is one of those fruits which everyone crave for especially in North India. Luckily Uttar Pradesh has the largest production of mangoes and it tops the list of states producing mangoes in India. It is always a delight when mango hits markets from small vendors to big stores you can find those juicy mangoes. The war of words and weapons can be kept aside but the war of mango goes on every year for almost three-four month. Mango is also our national fruit moreover it is also the national fruit of Pakistan and Philippines.

Being the topper of the list in producing mangoes Uttar Pradesh also host mango festival every year which is a treat for all mango lovers. People across the state come to have their taste buds tantalised because the variety which is found in the festival is numerous. This festival also becomes a centre for selling and buying of mangoes because usually people are confined to specific species of mangoes mostly those which are easily available in the local markets. So this is also a plus factors for farmers across the state to participate and exhibits their production of different types of mangoes grown in other states too. Whether young or old everyone waits for this festival. The event usually goes on for three days followed by orchard visit, cookery shows, mango eating competition etc.

This year also Uttar Pradesh hosted its 5th Mango Festival and like always this time also it was a delightful thing to host in the capital city of the state where it was a great success once again. It gives platform to various farmers to come forward and have the direct marketing which is more beneficiary thing for them and on the other hand the public is also benefited having received the fresh varieties of mangoes directly from the farmers. Many of them who come to the visit the mango mania take home boxes of naturally ripened mangoes for their family and friends. This seasonal fruits can be seen in almost every house as it is the most loved one.

Mangoes have always been a favourite of every one as it has no demerits if consumed unlike other seasonal fruits.