Shopping is an absolute delight almost for everyone from kids to the senior citizens nobody can get bored of it. When it comes to shopping in Uttar Pradesh the state offers a wide variety of items to the shoppers. The State boosts up with rich tradition of art, culture, handicrafts which admires shoppers to look forward to make purchase of wonderful traditional work that is offers. Even if you travel anywhere in the state there is something or the other different thing one could have their eyes struck on something which is worth buying.

Various places in Uttar Pradesh are flooded with stone carvings and embroidery which are raised to the level of art by the highly skilled artisans of the state at various places. If we visit Agra it has the stone carvings while the state capital Lucknow is the seat of embroidery in Uttar Pradesh. The state caters all valuable resources for shopping to its travellers. With its rich cultural heritage people admire the tradition of famous cities in Uttar Pradesh. It also has huge variety of clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories, handicrafts item, leather items, stone ware, glass item, handloom and many more to attract the tourists.

If we go according to the cities there are major shopping centres for their exclusive items to shop for. Varanasi tops the list with the famous Banarsi sarees, zardozi work done on mirrors, woods and carpets. For a moment let us switch to the western U.P Moradabad comes as the first destination and is famous for brassware and bronzes, tourist can shop here for stunning bronze material including utensils, statutes & mementoes. Close to this place is Aligarh famous for all kinds of locks. Moving further to Saharanpur and Bareilly the places are famous for their furniture works and excels in wrought iron goods.


Another place to add on is Kanpur and Unnao famous for their leather factories and related production. Now after roaming to and from all over the places come to the capital of the state i.e Lucknow, most demanding one and the best place one can think of shopping and very first thing that comes to mind here is Chikan. Chikan is the legendry thread work that is done by accomplished craftsmen. Clothes with chikan embroidery is available for all and when it is worn it enhances the beauty of a person. Buying chikan work is obvious thing any tourist or traveller would do. People carry chikan kurtas, suits, sarees for friend relatives and not just a single piece but in bulks because the cost of the cloth is not too high an average earner can also afford that’s the specialty of this cloth, cost will only vary if the amount of embroidery is too heavy as asked or opted for purchase by the customer.

Merrut in Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of musical instruments and it is also one of the major suppliers of sports goods.

Uttar Pradesh markets brings out the true picture of states cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle with a unique blend of tradition. Shopping is something which everyone enjoys so have wonderful experience of it and explore the state to the best.