Some travel to escape, others to explore and some to meet their soul, travelling has its own significance for everyone. Uttar Pradesh, as a state has a bit of nearly everything in it. Ranging from the sacred & mystical places like Varanasi to the natural paradise like Dudhwa, the destinations here are as diverse as its people. However, away from the major destinations, hit the roads less-travelled and stop at these treasured charm of UP:

  • Firozabad: Popularly known as the “City of Glassware” or the “City of Bangles” because of its extensive glass work, the city is an important commercial center of Uttar Pradesh. The city’s historical and religious sites reflect its harmonious past. There are many prominent Hindu and Jain Temples. Famous among the Jain temples is the Bahubali Temple, housing a massive granite statue of Lord Bahubali. One can also find a 796 year old Dargah of Hazrat Hamiduddin Shah Sufi Rehmatullah Alleh, known as the Dargah Sufi Sahab. The place offers a unique experience and designer bangles.
  • Bithoor: Steeped in antiquity, religiously pious, historically significant and patriotically rich – all this and more comprise the essence of Bithoor. The town is home to a trail of sacred places, natural charm and ancient stories. It is home to many ancient temples, ghats and greenery around. Brahmavarta Ghat, Lord Shiva Temple, Saraswateshwar Mahadeva Temple are some of the famous attractions of this place. Bithoor has a rich mythological history which makes it a must-visit destination for explorers and wanderers.
  • Chitrakoot: Famed in Hindu mythology, Chitrakoot is celebrated in ballads and scriptures for its religious importance and close association with the epic Ramayan. It is believed to be the place where Lord Rama and Sita spent 12 years of their exile and where the Sage Atri and Sati Anasuiya meditated. This holy town, spread over both the states U.P. and M.P. is set sylvan surroundings on the banks of the river Mandakini, also known as the river Payasvini. The riverside is lined with ghats and the town is dotted with several temples. Hanuman Dhara, Kamad Giri, Sphatik Shila and Ram Ghat are must-see places in and around Chitrakoot.
  • Deogarh: The city with many forts is located on the right bank of the Betwa River, 123 KM from Jhansi, at the western side of the Lalitpur range of hills. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit Words – Deo meaning God and Garh meaning fort, so, “Fort of the Gods”. This town possess the remains of a fine Vishnu Temple dating bank to the Gupta Era, and several Jain Temples. Deogar is rich in fortified beauty; there are about 2000 sculptures at one place in Deogarh, which is probably the only collection of its kind in the world. One can witness a display of old world craftsmanship by exploring its many magnificent attractions.


  • Mahoba: Anciently known as ‘Mahotsava Nagar’, Mahoba, 140 KM from Jhansi associates itself with the Chandela Kings who reigned over the Bundelkhand Region from 9th – 12th Century. At Mahoba, the impregnable hilltop fort and the lakes, created by the Chandelas are considered to be architecture feats in the city. The wonderful water management system of the Chandela period can still be witnessed here. Mahoba was also a prominent cultural centre. Traditional ballads praise the glory of this land, narrating the inspiring saga of Alha and Udal, the two brothers and Bundela warriors who sacrificed their lives for honour of their land.  Today, Mahoba is famous for betel farming and granite rocks.

These places are not only meant to be read but to be explored. Embark on a journey and take home a fascinating experience.