Ganga the word itself depicts its purity. One of the holy rivers of Hindu is Ganga or the Ganges. It is considered among sacred rivers flowing in India and making its way through many cities, one among them is Varanasi. It is the oldest city located on the banks of river Ganga and the major attraction of the place is Ganga Aarti with other historical places, temples, ghats to visit.

Ganga aarti having said the heart of Varanasi is among those rituals that are performed regularly. If one goes to Varanasi and doesn’t stand to have the wonderful experience of aarti is supposed to have seen nothing in Varanasi. The purity which is felt during the aarti is worth experiencing. Evening aarti in Varanasi is something which an individual should not miss upon, whosoever comes to visit the place, for them this evening event is the most awaited one. While the aarti is in progress on the Dashashwamedha ghat during that process there is sudden outbursts of spiritual thoughts which fills the heart with great positivity. Ganga aarti is performed with the brass lamps followed by mantra chant in the presence of the huge crowd. Before beginning the aarti several preparation are done such as collection of five elevated planks, a multi tired oil lamp, and the idol of goddess Ganga is presented with fresh flowers. Meanwhile the tourist starts gathering around the ghats to witness the event filled with lights, fragrance.

This event takes place twice a day morning and evening. But the scenario of evening aarti around 6:45 PM after the sunset at the Dashashwamedha ghat is totally a different experience and devotes by this time or before an hour make their presence. There are various stages in which the aarti is performed firstly it is done with incense sticks. This is done to worship the gods and goddesses in all direction by moving the incense sticks in circular motion facing the river and then coming back to the same position. The next stage is spectacular as the priest lit up big aarti plate with many small diyas each plate consists of fifty diyas, as the aarti is in progress the crowd gears up with the “Ganga Maiyya ki Jai”. The group of priest starts the aarti in a well organised way by having a lighting lamp in hand which they keep moving in a circular motion, followed by the rhythmic chants of mantra. This gives rise to inner spirituality and devotees as a tradition make clapping in the same rhythm as the aarti is being sung also many of them sing the aarti and mantra as well. It takes around 45 minutes for the aarti to end and as soon as the aarti comes to end there is sudden silent and the environment becomes peaceful.

Spirituality is something which in embrace in every individual and witnessing the Ganga aarti is a treat to our inner soul. When it comes to fulfilling religious value everyone plays their part and the atmosphere one witness here is like an eternal festival going on and on , which is never going to end that’s the speciality of Ganga.