Uttar Pradesh, a well-known state for its diverse culture, etiquettes, humbleness and geography also holds a respectable position when it comes to mouth watering delicacies. It is the hub for some royal and exotic cuisines that can surely turn out a great delight for your tasting buds. If you are a die-hard lover of delectable delicacies, then UP has to offer a great variety for you. The diverse gastronomy varies from courtly Awadh cuisines to popular vegetarian alternatives of Braj region.

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs and also the capital city of the state forms the base of royal Nawabi food. Majorly influenced by the Mughal’s technique of cooking, the Nawabi food of Uttar Pradesh is entirely different from the traditional Mughlai food available in New Delhi. Here are some of the most popular cuisines of entire UP that you must not miss during your visit to this place –

Awadhi food – an inexorable genre:

Awadh, being the heart of great Nawabi culture introduces a sensual and sumptuous gourmet of Awadhi cuisine for the feast loving people. Supporting a surprisingly rich tradition, the preparation of this cuisine involves quality control and painstaking supervision along with measured crafting making it one of the most alluring delicacies of the country. Some of the most mouth-watering servings in this cuisine include Tundey kebabs, Rumali roti best served with Galawati kebabs, Kulcha Nihari, Lucknawi Biryani and more.

Besides this rich serving dish of gastronomic options, the city of Lucknow also flaunts its sweet flavor of sheermals, kulfi faludas, and rabadi.

Banarsi food – a sweet alternative

Banaras, another historical and important city of the state also offers a sweet flavor to all those who have a sweet-tooth. Famous for its kachaudi, jalebi, lassi and banarsi pan, the city also boasts off a distinctive style of serving things to you. By making use of Kulhads, the earthen vessles for serving, the city tries to recreate a distinctive desi flavor into its dishes. In addition to this, you must also not miss out to taste the excellent tomato chat in the city that will surely leave you spell-bound.

Titillating sugary desserts

Besides various salty and spicy delicacies, the state also brings forth a diversity of sweet deserts for you. The lal peda of Banaras, khurchan of Mathura, Oudh region’s shahi tukda, Rasmalai and petha of Agra are some of the sugary delights that can mesmerize you.

Enjoy the savor of Uttar Pradesh

Besides the glorifying wonder of the country, Taj Mahal, the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh is surely another major reason for you to plan your trip. The irresistible smell of Seekh kebab will definitely sojourn you to enjoy the royal grandeur. Couple these traditional delicacies with some delicious after meals like pan, ras malai or shahi tukda to gain a life-time experience of sweetness.

With such great variety of cuisines available at your convenience, this is what brings a joyful smile on most of the travelers. You will keep on hunting and exploring different flavors – well, this exactly what Uttar Pradesh cuisines offer to you.