Christmas is an occasion to merry around with your friends & family. It gladdens our heart with the joys of the season giving many reasons to rejoice. Uttar Pradesh being a cradle of unity in diversity is home to many religious destinations, perfect for a spiritual tour. The state is home to some charismatic & heart-warming Churches, attracting people from far & beyond. Uttar Pradesh’s tryst with heritage & history cannot be ignored. The churches in Uttar Pradesh display British architecture which is breathtaking.

Depicting great artistry, Churches in Uttar Pradesh take one back to the time of Christianity during the British Era. The Churches here are built in imposing styles & designs, reminiscent of the architecture of ancient Era. Specific to the most popular churches are glass-stained murals, exquisitely designed marble altars, intricate works of artistry on the exteriors and a peaceful aura inside.

From the St. Joseph Cathedral School in Lucknow to All Saints Cathedral in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh offers a trail of some beautiful kirks one must visit to spend some time in divine peace.


St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Lucknow: Amidst the busy streets in the heart of the city, Hazratganj, St. Joseph’s Cathedral stands tall with divinity and splendour. As soon as you step into the church complex, which houses a popular school, you will see grand steps leading to parch of the church. Just before the entrance, you will witness a tall and magnificent statue of Lord Jesus Christ, with arms wide open, which seems to welcome you to this sacred place.

If you are on a tour of the historical city of Lucknow, this church should definitely be on your list of must-visit places. It was built in the 19th century by an Irish priest, Rev. Fr. William Gleeson, who had come from Golaganj to the town of Hazratganj. After the construction was completed, the church received blessings from Bishop Anastasius Hartmann in the year 1862.

The church, when it is lit up especially during the eve of Christmas, enchants visitors. It is a sight that will always remain in the memory of anyone who witnesses it.

Central Methodist Church, Lucknow: Central Methodist Church is one of the biggest Kirks in the city of nawabs Lucknow. It is a protestant Church under the episcopal area of Methodist Church in India, Lucknow Regional Conference. The Church is built very beautifully and can accommodate more than 2500 persons at a time. The building is painted with light grey color, which is decorated with dark blue borders. A huge cross is affixed on its roof at the main entrance. Central Methodist Church has always been known for its wonderful choir. The CONTATA (Christmas Carols Service) of this Church is organized every year, which gives a soulful experience.

Kanpur Memorial Church:
Its edifice is built in Lombardic Gothic style. The structure provides a striking view. The use of red bricks with multi coloured hues, adds magic to the built. Presence of polychromatic dressings gives a touch of grandeur to the imposing structure. The interiors of the church contain memorial tables, epitaphs and monuments, collectively creating a sombre ambience in the church complex. The Church also abodes some artefacts relating to the past events, placed inside the building.

Memorial Gardens have occupied eastern side of the church. The garden has two gateways. A marble gothic screen separates the main church building from memorial garden. Henry Yule is the creator of the beautifully carved marble screen. Another carved creation is the figure of an angel, located at the center of the garden. Carlo Marochetti has the credit of carving the angelic figure.  According to Christian belief, the angelic entity is associated with light, ardour and purity. The angel has crossed arms. The figure symbolically represents peace. The screen and the statue were originally located in another garden. They were relocated to present place in the year of 1948.

All saints Cathedral, Allahabad:
It is a Church from the ancient times. It was built in the late 19th century and today stands remarkably as colonial structure. It was designed by Sir William Emerson in the year 1870. The intricate work and designs on the marble altar and the stained glass panel makes the building more wonderful. The Gothic style of architecture and the hush ambience makes the All Saints Cathedral a major Tourist Attraction in Allahabad. All Saints Cathedral Church is also known as “Patthar Girja’ (church of stones), is one of the prominent Anglican Cathedrals in North India. It still mesmerizes the same lustre as it did a century ago. The pulpit of the Cathedral showcases one of the finest designs and carvings which is rarely seen in the buildings of present times.

Take a look inside this Church and you will find a trail of court aches that displays number of British nations. It is an added charm to the artistry of this Church while the atmosphere discovered here is serene & calm enough to make the devotees feel a perfect peace.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Allahabad:
It is another significant and biggest Churches of Allahabad. It houses exquisite beautiful statues from Christian Mythology. It was built in Italian style and speaks of the ultimate craftsmanship. Being among the popular churches in Allahabad, St. Joseph’s Cathedral sees footfall of the people at most of the hours of the day. Yet, the Good Friday, Easter and Christmas season are the special times to visit her and are celebrated with great zest. People from far & beyond visit this church whenever they land in Allahabad. So, whenever you plan a tour to Allahabad don’t miss the chance to feel the bliss of this Church.

Uttar Pradesh is enriched with an enchanting way of life. From sumptuous cuisine to dazzling monuments, what not this State offers and amidst all this it also offers a spiritual experience. So next time you plan your tour to the heartland of India, Uttar Pradesh, don’t forget to take home some soulful memories from these magnificent churches.