For the true explorers of the world’s most beautiful and unusual natural trails, Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect destination. Amidst the picturesque Chandauli district in southeastern regions of Uttar Pradesh, nearly 70 kilometers from the city of Varanasi, the sanctuary is a thrilling leap into the wild.

Though less known, the sanctuary, spread over an area of 78 km², is actually gifted with rich natural beauty all around its vicinities. The dense forest, the sparkling streams and the magnificent waterfalls like Rajdari and Devdari make it a wonderful retreat not only for the animals but the populace. A visit to the Naugarh-Vijaigarh hilly belt enveloping the sanctuary, particularly during rainy and winter seasons, truly makes one realize the real beauty that nature has showered on this stretch of land. During these seasons, the waterfalls dazzle brightly and the forest turns to a mesmeric natural world.

The Chandra Prabha wildlife park was established in the year 1957 with the ambitious aim of breeding the Asiatic Lions that were introduced in the park in 1958. Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors including poaching, government apathy, and natural causes, none remains alive today.

Nevertheless, once home to these fiery lions, the Chandra Prabha wildlife sanctuary is now a permanent residence for the various animals including blackbucks, chital, jackal, wild cat, wild fox, wild boar, porcupine, chinkara, hyena, python, sambar, and nilgai.  Lounging languidly on the rocks the animals act like they own the place – having been in the forest for years, surviving fur hunters and numerous dangers, they pretty much do.

The region is also a huge delight for the avid bird watchers as well as the ornithologists. The swamplands are a host to about 150 species of birds. Flocks of Darters, Black storks, Woolly-necked storks, Falcons, Pochards etc. are attracted to its water bodies. To see thousands of seabirds that nest on the marshes, head out in the winter months.

The woodlands in the sanctuary are dominated by numerous medicinal plants and trees such as mahua, saagun, amaltas, tendu, koraiya, ber etc. Indeed, visitors enjoy spectacular views as they walk amongst wildflowers, rugged cliffs and imposing headlands along the Vindhya forest range.

The best time to visit the park is from July to March as the region’s charm is increased with the fresh green cover after the rains which last till August at the most. However, when the wintry weather set in from October, the climate becomes more pleasant for a trek through the park.

Indeed, Chandra Prabha wildlife sanctuary is a must-visit destination not only for the wildlife or nature lovers but also for the adventure enthusiasts. The lush green foliage enveloping the sanctuary enhances its magnificence and makes it a wild and green wonder.

Thus, the sound of the wild echoing in the naturally prevailing silence of the forest awaits you. Get set to capture the vibrancy of the forest with your cameras and connect to the harmony of the natural world.

So come, spot the rare wildlife and enjoy the fascinating views that nature offers you in this region of mesmerizing splendour.